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Oppia strives to enable learning by doing. Research shows that students learn more effectively when they have an opportunity to demonstrate their understanding. With Oppia, you can create interactive content that makes it easy for students to actively participate in the learning process.


Oppia explorations are designed to be non-linear: they can branch based on students' answers, resulting in tailored learning paths. It's just like any teacher/student conversation: what the teacher does is going to depend on what the student says.

Continuous Improvement

You can create and publish an exploration in minutes using our online editor. As students play through your exploration, you (or others, if you like) can improve the exploration on the fly. Oppia enables this by providing insights about where and why students may be stumbling.

100% Free

You don’t have to pay anything to use Oppia. In addition, all explorations on [Oppia test server] are licensed under CC-BY-SA, which means that you can freely copy, modify and reuse their content. Also, the code behind [Oppia test server] is open source, and you are welcome to download, reuse and modify it!